10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers!

10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers!
Dubrovnik Harbor

10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers!

We all know that Europe is one of the best travel destinations for everyone and especially for a solo trip. All destination are not too far with plane and there is great tourist infrastructure. Also the people are really kind and friendly.

We will introduce you 10 cities that and perfect destinations for solo travelers and are easily navigated alone.

{10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers}


The Swedish capital truly has it all: a cobblestoned old town with pedestrian-only roads, 57 bridges that extend over its 14 islands, a theme park going back to 1880s, a bath house from 1904, and the most creative subway stations, each decorated with its own style. So it was not a surprise that the totally free walking trips in the area were controlled by solo travelers finding their own piece of the low-crime city.

{10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers}


Definitely on of my favorite place. The canals under stone bridges and past weeping willows in the Flemish town. You will seemed like finally understood what all those books about “once upon a time” really meant. And while I loved perusing the stores and observing the scene in the Market Square, my preferred moment was when I found a pond filled with the most immaculate swans I had ever seen in my life. What much better location to explore on your own than a city that invites you to be the star of your very own fairy tale adventure?

{10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers}


The jolly Irish spirit isn’t really simply the things of legends- the welcoming nature of the Dubliners will instantly make you feel like the city is your home, too. Patrick’s Cathedral, in the capital ranked one of the best cities in 2014 by a Post Workplace Travel Insurance coverage Research. Get a three-day Leap Card at the airport for less than 20 Euros (that includes your bus ride from the airport) and you’ll be zipping through town in no time.

{10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers}


One of the very best ways to fulfill people while taking a trip alone is to head to a festival, where like-minded tourists and locals bond over typical interests. From the more standard International Film Festival and Jazz and Blues Festival to the eyeglasses of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the celebrations only contribute to the long list of to-dos in the uneven seaside city.

{10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers}


You will loved the freedom of being alone in the City of Music, where you can drink a coffee and enjoy a sacher torte in a standard café, got lost on the premises of Schönbrunn Palace, and took in a program at an opera home. With a lot of visitors and a burgeoning design scene, Austria’s capital is bursting with beauty. So it’s no marvel it ranked in the top 5 for individual safety rankings in a Mercer research study for expats this year.

{10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers}


Scenic summer aerial panorama of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm, Sweden

As the capital of among the highest-ranking European countries for security and security in the Success Index, Helsinki is among the most easygoing locations around. You will fell for the charming seaside town, which is complete of innovative eats and has lots of open air (one-third of the city is green area). And water fans ought to spend a long time hopping between one of the 330 islands on the archipelago.

{10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers}


Berlin, The city is still constantly altering, and there are many sights that it’ll undoubtedly be tough to fit all of it into your schedule. Start the sprint at the Circus Hotel, which provides single spaces in both its hotel and hostel (and has its own beneficial C-Wiki, a basic guide to the city’s best), and remove on city tour with them to get the ordinary of the land the very first day. As soon as situated, You’ll be able to run in between sights like the Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery and the Brandenburg Gate, snacking on currywurst – my favorite sausage i ever tried.

{10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers}


Lucerne is a tourist-friendly town in central Switzerland. The charming covered Chapel Bridge and Water Tower sit in the heart of the mountaintop city, making the village an effortless vacation for first-time solo tourists. The railroad station is in walking distance of Old Town, and the entire city is incredibly simple to explore walking.

{10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers}


With easy-to-navigate trains from its airports (which I’ve managed while bleary-eyed from both Heathrow and Gatwick) and 270 stations on the London Underground, which helped me link day trips to Windsor Castle and Levensden’s Warner Bros. Studio Tour for the Harry Potter tour, you can get anywhere quickly in the British capital. Club culture makes it simple to get hold of a pint at the bar among residents and the long stretches of stores in locations like Notting Hill and Knightsbridge can help you mix in with shoppers. Plus, you’ll get all the European beauty without the foreign language anxiety.


The Czech Republic capital is a workable size, with significant sites concentrated within walking distance. Whichever side of the Charles Bridge you remain on, you’re simply steps away from Old Town and the Prague Castle– both which provided a complete day’s worth of expedition for me. Simply a stroll away on the castle side is the Petřín funicular, where I took in hilltop views of the city’s orange roofs, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque churches, and Renaissance palaces. And throughout town, you’ll discover stands to purchase economical performance tickets in exclusive places, like the sensational show I caught in the Clementinum’s Mirror Chapel.


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