55 thousand murders, crime rate chart viral!


    Uttar Pradesh in India features a high rate . this point the rate chart was given in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh . That picture has recently gone viral on social media. The wall gives an in depth account of the value of a criminal offense within the criminal world of Uttar Pradesh .

    Not only that, within the picture published on Facebook, one among the leaders of the terrorist organization posted an image of himself with a firearm on Facebook. Next to the image is that the rate that these criminals will deem any crime.

    According to the speed chart, if someone just has got to make a threat, the criminal group has got to pay Rs 1,000. there’s a price of Rs 5,000 for beating someone. The gang takes Rs 10,000 for serious injuries. they are doing not hesitate to require anyone’s life. This cycle will kill anyone for less than 55 thousand rupees.

    This rate chart has once more put the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh in question.

    It is to be noted that the administration has moved to urge this incident published on social media. An investigation has already been launched by the police. The investigation revealed that the youth was actually the son of a PRD jawan from Chowkara village in Uttar Pradesh . An investigation has been launched against him. However, no arrests are made thus far .


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