9 Reasons To Travel To Malaysia!

9 Reasons To Travel To Malaysia

9 Reasons To Travel To Malaysia!

Those who meet with Malaysian fall in love forever. There are many reasons to love Malaysia. How many times you go in this beautiful country, you will always find a reason to visit again.

Malaysia is known for its beautiful beaches that will give you breathtaking, diversity and mixture of different cultures, friendly people and superb food. In fact, there are many things that can fall in love, so it will not be able to endure temptation and do not visit this country if possible.

(9 Reasons To Travel To Malaysia)

1. Coastline

This is definitely No. 1 on any list made for Malaysia. Its beaches are a paradise on earth. Feel free to release your body and soul to them. You can have all the water activities and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while drinking coconut milk. And when you consider the fact that summer never ends here, you realize that Malaysia is the best place in the world.

(9 Reasons To Travel To Malaysia)

2. Food

Nothing can be compared to food in Malaysia. In fact, there is no purely Malaysian food because the multicultural population in this country adds its own special ingredients of their own food  of the people of Malaysia. The food is not Chinese or Indian, but they combine and complement each other, the greatest satisfaction. Only in Malaysia can enjoy this food.

(9 Reasons To Travel To Malaysia)

3. Culture

Malaysia has a rich history and fascinating traditions. Their multicultural tradition is combined from Malaysian, Chinese and Indians. This country has a special atmosphere during its festival. A festival what it is! This nation has an innate talent for arranging exciting, bombastic and wonderful events. Because they have so many public holidays that you must not miss.

(9 Reasons To Travel To Malaysia)

4. Purity

Unfortunately, in our modern world we cannot entirely avoid the pollution, but Malaysia definitely belongs to the countries with the least pollution. It feel in the air just as you arrive there. Nothing can replace the pleasure of breathing clean, fresh air, walking on clean streets and observing the clear blue sky.

(9 Reasons To Travel To Malaysia)

5. Climate

Malaysia is an ideal place for those who love summer more than anything. The climate in this country allows people to go to the beach and enjoy the sun whenever you want. A true paradise is not to worry about the cold weather, is not it? As you move from Europe to Malaysia, significantly superior difference between Malaysian hot and cold weather in Europe.

(9 Reasons To Travel To Malaysia)

6. Nature

Mother Nature blessed Malaysia not only with the climate, but also by beautiful greenery, wildlife and landscapes. It allows tourists to engage in all kinds of outdoor activities. You have the opportunity to go hiking, mountaineering, rafting and walk the exotic forests. Here you can connect with nature, and of course, to engage in a lot of adventures.

7. Friendly people

Wonderful people who have completely different backgrounds to come together into “one”. In Malaysia, almost half of the population speaks three languages: Malay, Chinese and English. Communication is obviously of great importance to people who live in a peaceful society. What most tourists want here are friendly people, especially taxi drivers. Unless you count their conversation, they can be good company.

8. Taman negara

Taman negara or literally “national park” spanning 3 states across the northern part of West Malaysia and covers a total area of 4,343 square kilometers. Most of the activities include exploring caves, fishing, hunting, wonderful night hikes, swimming and visiting indigenous Selatan.

9. Paradise for those who want to buy

Do you want to go on shopping? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you should definitely have in mind to visit Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is a paradise for those who love shopping. Offering everything from beautiful handmade products to interesting clothes and more. There are a large variety of products that allows you to shop for yourself, your family and friends.


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