Biden again called on Trump to be patient


    President Donald Trump has accused the US presidential election of rigging the vote without evidence. Biden is before Georgia at Battleground Nevada, Georgia. Trump is ahead in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Alaska.

    Bidener only needs 6 body votes to win. Trump needs 56. The results were announced for the remaining 60 body votes. Biden is ahead in 22 of them.

    In a speech Thursday night (November 5) civil time , Trump accused vote counters and observers of interfering within the election. He made allegations of vote rigging and fraud against Democrats.

    He claimed that he was elected president by a legitimate vote. i will be able to easily win if the votes are counted legally. And if the vote count is rigged, they’re trying to grab the election from us.

    The Republican leader didn’t present any evidence in support of the claim. He addressed the state for the primary time since election night on Tuesday.

    The us also because the whole world is watching the result of the vote. Various hair analysis goes on. The 2020 election saw the very best turnout in 120 years folks history.

    Trump leads with 214 body votes, consistent with the Associated Press. Biden leads with 274 body votes.

    Trump’s campaign camp has filed lawsuits to suspend the vote count in several states. Those few states are crucial to winning the White House. Wisconsin’s vote count counts. Biden is ahead at the top of the vote count.

    Trump and Biden supporters rallied in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Thursday afternoon. At that point the people concerned were counting the votes. Trump supporters have involved a halt to the vote count. Democrats support continuing the vote count. The counting of 95.35 percent votes during this state has been completed. Trump got 49.56 percent. Biden is with 49.29 percent of the vote.

    Biden called on the general public to stay calm amid tensions over the vote calculate Thursday. That said, every vote must be counted. that’s the demand of the voters. nobody else. this is often the demand of these who will elect the president.

    That said, democracy is usually messy. For this reason, sometimes you’ve got to twiddling my thumbs .

    Lawmakers have denied allegations of vote rigging in Trump’s campaign camp.

    Michelle Gilbert, a professor of law at the University of Virginia, told Al Jazeera: “I don’t see anything to believe that the matter is somewhere.”

    It takes time to count the votes. Those concerned are counting the votes. I don’t see any evidence of fraud or deception here. there’s no evidence of election theft, he said.


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