Biden on the way to victory, the US stock market is strengthening


    The us had rock bottom employment rate in October during the last five months of election turmoil. Hopefully, unemployment has dropped from 14 percent to six percent. Meanwhile, the US stock exchange has been booming since the hint of who are going to be the top of the White House.

    Who cares about the state of the US economy in Corona? Who will create employment for many people? At the peak of such tensions, the us created 6,360,000 jobs in October alone. Although this rate is that the lowest in 5 months, the percentage has began to decrease gradually. At an equivalent time, the amount of usa citizens taking unemployment benefits is decreasing. The country’s economic activity increased in October.

    Meanwhile, as Democrat candidate Joe Biden moves towards victory, the US stock exchange is during a better position. The Dow Jones , S&P, and Nasdaq composite indices on Wall Street strengthened throughout the week. Meanwhile, Asian stock markets rallied round the US presidential election. Various stock exchange indices of upward Japan, South Korea , and Hong Kong .

    However, US economists say that regardless of who involves power, they’re going to not be ready to show any magic within the US economy so easily. The country’s economy is so devastated by the Corona epidemic that no government action can change the present state of the US economy overnight.


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