Come and visit the picturesque Nijhum Island during the winter holidays

Come and visit the

Putting aside the daily hustle and bustle of Dhaka, Nijhum Island could also be your first choice for each day or two of refreshments. If you’ve got an interest in nature and animals, then your address to go to should be Nijhum Island.

Surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, rich in breathtaking beauty, natural resources, and endless possibilities, the island sprang up within the 1950s over a neighborhood of about 14,050 acres. On the one hand, the surging waves of the Bay of Bengal, on the opposite hand, the rushing wind and therefore the vast canvas of green has given the island a special look.

A man named Osman first settled on the island. that’s why the locals call this island ‘Osman’s Char’. The island is about 63 square miles in size and is found about 60 kilometers south of the mainland of Hatiyar.

However, in 1997, it had been declared a park with travel-hungry people in mind.

Recently the Forest Department has haunted an afforestation program on the island. Most of the trees in these forests are Keora. a spread of animals and birds including deer and monkeys sleep in the forest. To the south of the island, there are huge beaches covering about 12 km. The glistening sandy beach is sloping deep into the ocean. The Long Beach wakes up at low water. it’s an exquisite sight to ascertain the foamy urmimala of the ocean crashing on the beach and therefore the moonlight creating a captivating scene at high water. A spectacular view of sunrise and sunset are often seen from an equivalent place on the southern tip of the island.

According to Union Parishad sources, at the present, the amount of voters in Nijhumdwip is 7,300 and therefore the number of individuals is about 60,000. per annum, people from different parts of the country come and settle here.

The island features a permanent police camp to take care of law and order. The law and order situation on the island is sort of calm apart from a touch little bit of monogamy on the island. There are a complete 4 markets on the island. There also are 4 cyclone shelters.

Nijhum Island has immense potential as a beautiful lucrative tourist destination. People rushed to Cox’s Bazar to listen to the decision of the ocean. Teknaf and more recently Kuakata in Patuakhali. But the vast beach of Nijhum Island in Noakhali and its magical palms are still hidden from the eyes of the many. Standing on the beach, you’ll hear the sound floating within the deep sea. Nijhum Island is a perfect place to go to. To the south of the island, there are huge beaches covering about twelve kilometers. Although 2 non-government organizations have built 2 full housing systems, it’s insignificant compared to the necessity. However, alternative arrangements are often made by constructing fabricated cottages and declaring them as sanctuaries by arranging accommodation during the tourist season. Attractive tourism is often developed here by utilizing this interest within the way various domestic and foreign tourists became curious about Nijhumdwip. Center. Winter is that the best time to go to Nijhum Island. Because at this point the ocean is calm.

How to get there: From the Sayedabad bus depot within the capital Dhaka, take a bus to Noakhali and obtain off at the district town of Maijdi. The fare for chair coach, luxury, or Ekushey Paribahan is often 320 rupees. If there’s no holdup, it’ll take 4 to five hours. Maijdi will need to come and determine when the Hatiyar C-truck is leaving from Bayarchar Chairman Ghat. Maijdi will need to spend the night today. There are many mid-range residential hotels. The rent of the hotels is between 75 to 150 rupees. additionally, permission is often obtained from Circuit Hayes, Forest Department, and District Council’s high-quality government post bungalows. If you would like to visit Hatia on an equivalent day, you’ve got to require a baby taxi from Maijdi to Bayarchar Chairman Ghat. Rent reserve 500 rupees. aside from this, the fare to travel with others is 100 rupees. Then by sea-truck to Hatiyar Nalchiraghat. The rent is going to be 55 rupees. it’ll take about 2 hours. Baby taxi from there again, you’ve got to travel by tempo or bus to Ochkhalisthya Upazila Sadar. The rent is going to be within a maximum of 60 rupees. it’ll take about half an hour. Besides, a three-story launch MV Tipu-5 leaves Panama at 5 pm a day and reaches Hatia subsequent morning. Rental cabin 1200 rupees. Then you’ve got to spend the night at Hatia Upazila Sadar. For this, there are government post bungalows of the Upazila Parishad, residential hotels, and quality rest houses of island development agencies.

Rent in residential hotels won’t be quite 300 rupees. And about 500 rupees within the room of the island development company. the subsequent morning I even have to require a baby taxi to Moktaria Ghat. Rent reserve taxi 250 rupees. it’ll take a touch quite an hour. But to make certain to urge a baby-taxi very early within the morning, it’s better to mention the night before. At this point, the trawler is often reached from Moktaira Ghat in 10 minutes by trawler to Nijhumdwip every 1 hour. Rent 15 rupees. It goes on like this till 5 pm. If anyone wants, he can come on an equivalent day. it’s better to order a trawler to ascertain the four sides of the island and therefore the forest. therein case, the rent is going to be around 500 rupees. Nijhumdwip privately owned hotel, district council, Anyone can stay in 5 bungalows of Red Crescent and Forest Department. There are several small hotels in Nijhumdwip to erode. The food hotels don’t look very tidy but the standard of food in them is sort of good. These hotels offer cannon fodder caught by ordinary island fishermen.

So, readers, let’s visit this winter season on Nijhum Island, the land of Maya deer. But make certain to require the camera with you. Maybe your own camera will catch the strangely beautiful Maya deer.


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