Cricketer selection process completed in Fein

    Cricketer selection process completed in Feni
    Cricketer selection process completed in Feni

    The Bangladesh Cricket Board has completed the choice process in Feni as a part of the choice of cricketers at the district level to seek out subsequent generation of cricketers. Although 700 to 800 contestants participate during this qualifying round per annum , this point it’s come right down to half thanks to Corona.

    Feni’s Bahasa Shaheed Abdus Salam Stadium within the selection phase of the choice process for the three groups under 14, 16 and 17. a complete of 105 cricketers were initially selected from each of the three groups of 35. The BCB will train the chosen candidates at the district level after the completion of the health examination.

    Earlier, about 350 contestants submitted video footage of their practice and games to the choice directors. Then 190 people were selected from there. this point 105 people were selected from those 190 people. Cricket coach Mominul Haque conducted the choice process. Besides, district coach Riaz Uddin Robin was also present.


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