Cricketers and women footballers are spending busy time in Tangail


    Tangail is once more fully swing. Cricketers and ladies footballers are busy practicing at the Outer Stadium in Tangail with the dawn light to revive fitness within the corona situation. Meanwhile, women football coaches and cricket coaches have complained about field problems and nepotism in cricket and football practice.

    After an extended hiatus in Corona, the stadium in Tangail is once more fully swing. Emerging players are practicing regularly within the morning and afternoon to form up for the loss of numerous days.

    The training starts within the morning. they’re trying their best to present themselves. The trainer is additionally preparing them with overtime .

    They are preparing to play as they’re slowly regaining their fitness . However, they’re facing problems as they are doing not have an honest and adequate place to practice. The players complained that the district stadium was lying down for an extended time but the emerging players weren’t being given the chance to use it for practice.

    “We’re practicing,” they said. Fitness is returning . However, there are problems within the field. Our request is that we tend a field to practice.

    Meanwhile, the oldsters came to coach their children and demanded the authorities to require necessary steps.

    They say the practice has got to be done outside. it might are a touch better if it had been inside.

    Meanwhile, the women’s football and cricket coaches have complained against the district coaches of the district sports body and therefore the cricket board for not allowing them to use the stadium.

    Munni Monalisa, manager of the women’s eleven , said there was a crisis on the sector . Football needs a separate field.

    Tangail cricket coach. Islam Khan said that the request to the authorities is that they get adequate facilities.

    There are a complete of three cricket coaching centers in Tangail. it’s quite 500 trainee children.


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