Culture activists protest the arrest of poet Token Tagore


    Poet and filmmaker Token Tagore has been arrested during a case of embezzlement for not having the ability to form a movie with the grant money. He was arrested on Sunday (October 25th) at his New Elephant Road home. He are going to be handed over to the court, police said. However, his colleagues claimed that Token Tagore couldn’t finish the assembly of the film thanks to insufficient government allocation. Meanwhile, cultural activists have protested against his arrest.

    There are rules for releasing pictures within nine months of receiving a government grant. within the 2011-12 fiscal year , filmmaker Token Tagore got permission to form a movie supported Shahidul Zaheer’s story ‘Kanta’. The filmmaker has managed to boost about Tk 13 lakh out of the Rs 35 lakh grant. But he couldn’t finish making the movie.

    Several letters also went from the ministry. But his colleagues said that he didn’t receive the token tag for the change of residence. They claimed that the development of the film couldn’t be completed with the allocation given to Token Tagore. No response was received even after requesting to extend the allocation.

    Poet Michi Khandaker said that his (token) had been stolen from his previous house; He changed reception . that’s why he didn’t receive the letter. He has been arrested on a warrant therein case.

    In this context, the Ministry of data filed a case in 2016. Police said the court issued an bench warrant on October 8 within the case.

    DMP Newmarket policeman responsible (OC) So. M. Qayyum said the writ . we’ve arrested him for that. Now i will be able to send it to the court.

    Meanwhile, after the arrest of filmmaker Tokar Tagore, there was a storm of criticism and condemnation on social media. Film and cultural activists protested.


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