Dubrovnik The Pearl of Adriatic Riviera!

Dubrovnik The Pearl of Adriatic Riviera

Dubrovnik The Pearl of Adriatic Riviera!

One of the most beautiful and most old towns of the Adriatic Riviera. Located in Croatia and one of the most visited tourist centers in Croatia. If you want a relaxing old landmark and have not decided what to see, Dubrovnik offers possibilities more than expected. Dubrovnik once was the Dubrovnik Republic.

(Dubrovnik The Pearl of Adriatic Riviera)

It dates from the mid-7th century, and it’s name is Latin is “Ragusa”. It offers countless opportunities for hikers, such as entertainment, leisure and gourmet see food most diverse. However most visited is the old part of the city, and in the season of summer holidays are held numerous events.

Dubrovnik city is still known worldwide under the nickname Pearl of the Adriatic and also is on the list of UNESCO as a site of world cultural heritage.

(Dubrovnik The Pearl of Adriatic Riviera)

Today Dubrovnik is the biggest pride of the Croatian state in which develops elite tourism and is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean and definitely a place that you must not miss to visit!

The range of accommodation in Dubrovnik is great. You can find many of those hotels with 1 star and 5 stars. The most famous hotels in this town The Pucic Palace, Hotel Excelsior and the Grand Villa Argentina. Mid-range hotels are situated on the Lapad and Babin Kuk, in the western part of town.

Best beaches in Dubrovnik:

Banje Beach

This beach is the closest to the old town, making it a convenient place to visit the beach, and also overlooking the ancient walls of the city. On this beach you can rent umbrellas, chairs, stools, but you can also just hang your towel on the sand.

(Dubrovnik The Pearl of Adriatic Riviera)

Copacabana Beach

Although the name might remind you of Rio, however this is the perfect beach of Babin Kuk peninsula. Families often go because the water here is shallow and there are trampolines for children. Sporting types on this beach will enjoy water skiing, surfing and other water sports.

Lapad Beaches

The beaches of the peninsula before the big hotel complexes. These beaches are open to all visitors.

Sv. Jakov Beach

Few tourists know about this beach, but locals love it very, probably because of this fact.

P.S. Interesting fact about Dubrovnik is that this city is on lists for destinations where popular series Game of Thrones picked as the setting for the capital city of Westeros, King’s Landing. We will agree, they could not have chosen better.

(Dubrovnik The Pearl of Adriatic Riviera)


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