Dutch village will leave you Thrilled!

Dutch village will leave you Thrilled

Dutch village will leave you Thrilled!

Giethoorn is a picturesque village in the land of the polders which many refer to as the “Venice of the North” or “Dutch Venice” because it is completely accessible only by boat. Before you take a series of photos that will definitely impress you!

Giethoorn is a village in the central-eastern Dutch province Overijssel, municipal Steenwijkerland. It was founded by refugees from the Mediterranean area, which in this region settled around 1230 years old. Amsterdam is 90 km away and Rotterdam and The Hague about 110 kilometers.

(Dutch village will leave you Thrilled)

Beautiful nature, old houses, riding in boats on numerous channels or walk along the numerous wooden bridges … It is a place that will offer you only relaxation, a place where you briefly forget the noisy cars, because here they are not welcome.

In fact, the zone which surrounds prohibited the movement of cars, though we make exceptions in special cases. The old part of this village there was virtually no roads and all transport took place through channels with which the whole village is meshwork.

Sure, there’s an opportunity for hiking, since this village near channels has a plurality of roads and bridges, and today you can use bicycle paths.

(Dutch village will leave you Thrilled)

Until the movie “Fanfare” from 1958, directed by Bert Hanstra, tourism had little impact on life in this place, but since then many things have changed.

Certainly continue this village – one of the few places that people call the “Venice of the North” – is completely accessible only by boat, it has changed, but what has changed in this village which counts 2,620 people now visit every year more than a hundred thousand tourists.

Giethoorn is particularly attractive for the Chinese: 150-200000 thousand tourists, most numerous country of the world, arrive each year in this region of the Netherlands.

(Dutch village will leave you Thrilled)

In Giethoorn there are various museums in which you can learn about life and work in the last 100 years, to see pottery works, and many old cars, bikes and sleds. It also organized numerous art exhibitions, and there are special activities for children.

During the winter, this place is extremely attractive for lovers of slipping on ice.

So what else to add except, enjoy the photos, they will really amaze you!

(Dutch village will leave you Thrilled)


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