Even if the technology is advanced, the earthquake is not going to be stopped


    In the previous couple of years, one after another earthquakes have hit the planet . a robust earthquake and tsunami have killed a minimum of 400 people within the last Southeast Asian island nation of Indonesia. Despite many advances in technology within the times , earthquakes haven’t been ready to prevent human deaths.


    April 25, 2015. The Himalayan daughter of natural beauty, calm Nepal, was shaken by a terrible earthquake. Numerous buildings were exhausted with mud before anything was understood. quite 8,000 people died within the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. it had been the most important natural disaster within the country since 1934. In some mountainous areas of Nepal, about 98 percent of homes were destroyed. Luckily, the Bangladesh teenage footballers visiting the country were saved.


    A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck northeastern Afghanistan an equivalent year. a minimum of 400 people lost their lives in Pakistan. aside from Pakistan, earthquakes were also felt in northern India and Tajikistan.


    Iran and neighboring Iraq were shaken by a devastating earthquake in November 2016 in Khorsan, Iran. quite 300 people died within the 7.3 magnitude earthquake.


    In December 2004, a magnitude 9.1 earthquake shook the island of Aceh within the northern Indonesian island of Sumatra. This was followed by a terrible tsunami. Which reaches as far because the coastal region of Somalia. A magnitude 9.1 earthquake shook Aceh. The tsunami hit many countries within the Indian Ocean . In Indonesia alone, quite 160,000 people are killed. The price was highest in Aceh province.


    On March 11, 2011, a devastating earthquake shook Japan. The magnitude 9 earthquake was caused by a tsunami. About 19,000 people lost their lives in it. atomic power plants are damaged.


    In May 1970, a devastating earthquake shook the South American country of Chile. The magnitude of the earthquake was 9.5. thus far this has been called the world’s worst earthquake. This caused a tsunami. quite five thousand seven hundred people lost their lives. 61 killed in Hawaii The disaster spread as far as Japan.


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