Further deterioration of Sumitra Chatterjee’s physical condition


    Soumitra Chatterjee’s fitness has further deteriorated. On Sunday (October 25) night, hospital sources said that there was a difference in sodium and potassium in his body. the quantity of hemoglobin within the blood is additionally reduced. the amount of platelets is additionally very low. the quantity of urea has increased.

    Although various limbs are active, the veteran actor’s physical complications and co-morbidity are hindering his treatment. consistent with hospital sources, biopop support is required from time to time because the amount of oxygen in his blood varies.

    Doctors are thinking of keeping him in invasive support or ventilation. But before that, the medical team is taking the recommendation of kidney and neurology experts.

    Soumitra Chatterjee has been undergoing treatment at Bellevue Hospital for quite fortnight . He was admitted to the hospital with coronary heart condition . Her corona report came negative last week. He also continued to reply to treatment.

    But his fitness has become critical again. the matter is exacerbated by infectious trauma to the brain (covid encephalopathy) and nervous conditions. As a result, he’s during a drowsy state most of the time, doctors said.


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