Guide and Attraction To travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania!

Guide and Attraction To travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania!
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Guide and Attraction To travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania!

The name sounded like the soft warm wind sandy beach. And is exactly how it sounds.

The island is blessed with warm, sensational climate, beaches with sand so soft that you feel like going on meal rich in coral reefs and tropical fish that you get the feeling that diving in a giant aquarium. Otherwise Zanzibar consists of two large islands surrounded by little more. Tanzania boasts the hypnotic beauty and meditative relaxation for the soul.

(Guide and Attraction To travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania!)

Gastronomy and Culture

Offers unique “flavor” of East Africa. Since traditionally dressed Maasai are walking through the beach to Swahili and Indian merchants in long baggy pants and embroidered caps, the mixture of culture is almost as bountiful as the kitchen of Zanzibar.

The kitchen of Zanzibar offers delicious specialties in a combination of Arabic and Indian influences that successfully include coconut milk here is abundant, various spices and fresh seafood.

(Guide and Attraction To travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania!)

Where to stay

Milele Villas Zanzibar is ideal place to stay when you are on vacation in Zanzibar. Is a private & eco-friendly accommodation on the northwest coast of Zanzibar. This Villas also can offer beach holiday in Zanzibar combined with a safari in Tanzania.

Other attractions

The beautiful nature and the proximity to the Indian Ocean make it possible to accept the vacation no boredom. Those who can not dive, or like, which is located in the unspoilt nature – feel particularly well – especially on the island of Pemba. Divers and watersports enthusiasts also come to Zanzibar.

(Guide and Attraction To travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania!)

Not far from the islands, on the open sea they encounter dolphins, which can not only watch and caress from the boat. To swim with this wonderful, highly intelligent animals to swim is a unique experience. Possibilities for this are there in Kisimkazi, where local fishermen lend themselves to bring tourists to the dolphins. There are many dive sites around Zanzibar.

The island Unguja, and its surroundings in the ocean is not only suitable for professional divers. Beginners are well cared for here. The best dive site here lends itself near Stone Town, on the island Chapwani. In Stone Town there are several diving schools with good reputations that organize diving trips to the island Chapwani.

The island of Pemba is also not a stepchild of nature, when it comes to diving, or deep sea fishing. A luxury resort on the west coast of the island of Pemba, the Fundu Lagoon is a prime dive site, but is also very popular with anglers. There are even reports of record catches.

(Guide and Attraction To travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania!)

Hospitable people

Warm and hospitable people is the phrase that most often you hear as a description of the local residents. They will welcome you with “Jumbo, caribou” (Hello, welcome), and with the second phrase that the locals tell you is “Pole, pole” (Slowly, slowly!). Speed and stress here are so unusual that the people from Zanzibar experienced by just looking at tourists.

For them it is incomprehensible how you have come on holiday with your Iphone and expect to stay in touch with the place you just left, or that so many will be alarmed if you heard the good that you want for breakfast. You don’t need these things when you’re in heaven!

(Guide and Attraction To travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania!)


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