Ha Long Bay Vietnam For Tourist Attractions!

Ha Long Bay Vietnam For Tourist Attractions

Ha Long Bay Vietnam For Tourist Attractions!

How many times we saw that mother nature is masterful at creating the masterpieces?! Countless times! But let us recall once again! This time we will introduce a nature masterpiece located in Asia.

(Ha Long Bay Vietnam For Tourist Attractions)

Namely, in the Gulf of Tonkin in Quang Ninh province in Vietnam is spectacular miracle of nature – Ha Long bay, which extends over an area of 1,553 square kilometers, and involves more than 1,960 islands of different sizes.

Most of the islands are uninhabited, and their magnificent nature remained intact for thousands of years. This magnificent natural landscape became known just in small islands “stick out” from the sea, each shaped at different times and each unique in its own way.

The majority of these islands formed a sort of natural ports, while others are filled with smaller or larger caves.

(Ha Long Bay Vietnam For Tourist Attractions)

The most famous Vietnamese philosopher Ngajen Trai, 500 years ago described the Ha Long Bay as “Miracle stones in heaven.”

Ha Long literally transport means “place where the dragon descends into the sea” and the legend claims that these islands were created by a dragon from the mountains. Climbing toward shore, he dug his tail Valley, and when finally fell into the sea, the region is filled with water, leaving only the surface of the mountain peaks.

This unique region has a rich and important flora and fauna, that includes 14 endemic plant species and 60 endemic species.

Gulf in 1962 was declared and protected as a national treasure, and in 1994 was inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Asia and Oceania, or as “a place untouched by human hands, with incredible beauty and great biological importance.”


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