I understand the feelings of Muslims: Macron


    French President Emmanuel Macron has said that he has realized that Muslims are hurt by the publication of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

    However, he warned in an exclusive interview with Qatar-based Al Jazeera that the continued violence against religion across the country wouldn’t be tolerated. He made the remarks after a series of isolated incidents across France, including a knife attack, which hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.

    On Saturday (October 31), Macron told Marwan Bishahara, a senior political analyst at Al Jazeera, that his comments on religion had been distorted. As a result, there’s a robust reaction from Muslim countries. I understand the place of feelings of Muslims. I respect them. But everyone must understand that peace must be promoted and therefore the rights of ordinary people must be protected. “

    Macron said, “There are some people within the world today who distort Islam and claim to defend themselves within the name of this religion. But extremist movements and individual violence continue within the name of Islam. Many countries round the world have involved a boycott of French products over the publication of the cartoon, which is gloomy and unexpected.

    “Islam is in crisis,” Macron told Al Jazeera, ignoring recent remarks. I hope ordinary people understand my words. ‘

    “These aren’t government projects, or approved by the govt ,” the controversial Shirley told Abdo magazine. Published in France’s free and independent newspapers.

    When the corporate was attacked in 2015 for publishing controversial satirical cartoons, the French president urged the magazine to republish the cartoons.

    He added, ‘Ordinary Muslims face various problems thanks to extremist Muslims. at the present , quite 80 percent of the victims of terrorism are Muslims which may be a problem for all folks . ‘

    Recently, the French controversial weekly magazine Shirley Ebdo published satirical cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Many countries round the world protested against this. However, he also involved a crackdown on “Islamic separatism”. Regarding the decision to prevent publishing cartoons, he said that he cannot stop publishing cartoons. He said that stopping the publication of cartoons was a blow to independent expression. He also noted that the French nation wouldn’t hand over its values.

    In protest, most countries within the world still boycott French products. The United Nations has strongly condemned Macron’s actions against Islam.


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