In Germany, the second stage

In Germany, the second stage

The number of Corona victims is increasing in Germany. The record of attacks within the country almost a day is surpassing the previous day’s record.

As the days pass , like other countries in Europe, Germany isn’t taking a terrible shape. the amount of these affected increased from 4,000 within the morning to six ,000 within the afternoon.

With such a sudden rise in infection, ordinary Germans are during a state of panic.

A local German said, “Look, i do not think coronary infections will increase as a results of street gatherings or public gatherings.” Rather, attending unplanned weddings or getting to an illegal party or disco or chatting during a bar may be a big explanation for infection.

Meanwhile, working expatriates are seeing a dark future within the second stage of transition.

A Bangladeshi expatriate from Germany said that the infection started within the second stage before the primary stage of corona infection was overcome. For this reason, the expatriate Bangladeshis who are there’ll be more or less in financial crisis. those that work here and help their families in Bangladesh also will face problems.

Meanwhile, the country’s Robert Cock Institute reports that 9,742 people have died of corona thus far . the amount of corona patients in medical care units is additionally increasing.


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