In Munshi Ganj, the supply of fish has increased and the price has decreased


    The largest fish market in Munshiganj is at Mirkadim in Sadar upazila. Tons and plenty of fish are sold to Hankada from dawn. After the lifting of the ban on hilsa, the bustle seems to possess returned to the warehouse. thanks to high supply, the worth of fish has come right down to Tk 40 to 50 per kg.

    Every day before dawn the fish are available boats and vans. And there’s tons of shopping within the warehouses. After being closed for 22 days, the sale of hilsa visited Hankada. Not only hilsa, but also formalin-free native species of fish are grown in several water bodies. thanks to the wide supply and affordable price, the gang of buyers is large here.

    This fish market is on one and a half acre land under the open sky on the banks of Dhaleshwari river. Raja Mia, vice-president of Mirkadim Fisheries, said that despite buying and selling crores of rupees, the warehouse has not been developed. therefore the centuries-old fish market is roofed with mud within the rain.

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    Buyer Haji Abdur Jabbar said, “All sorts of fish are raised during this yard and therefore the comparative price is additionally cheap. So curious about buying fish here.

    Storekeeper Rana Masood said that fresh and formalin-free cannon fodder is that the reason why retail buyers from all the nearby hats and bazaars buy fish here.

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    There are 40 warehouses and quite 100 vendors sitting during this warehouse with fish stalls. From 6 am to 8:30 am, it’s sold here for 2 and a half hours for around crores of rupees.

    Large hilsa 800-1000 rupees per kg, small hilsa 450-600 rupees, kai 120-130 rupees, shing 240-300 rupees, rita 600-700 rupees, chital 360-500 rupees, fresh rui 180-280 rupees, shrimp 550-600 rupees, pabda 200-300 rupees, pangas 100-600 rupees, ayr 400-900 rupees, sarpunti 100-120 rupees, nala 100-120 rupees and tilapia 100-140 rupees per kg.


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