In the United States, 6 percent voted for cannabis


    Donald Trump and Joe Biden, two candidates within the US presidential election, are fighting for his or her lives. Official voting, which began on Tuesday (November 3), remains ongoing.

    With this election, many seats within the Congress are being voted on, whether there are any laws or not. consistent with the Associated Press, New Jersey voters voted overwhelmingly to legalize the recreational use of cannabis.

    It received 6 percent of the vote and support altogether counties. this suggests that cannabis are going to be legal in New Jersey because the 12th state within the us . In Arizona, a proposal to legalize cannabis for adults is close to pass.

    Meanwhile, the results of several centers are found within the US elections. altogether respects, Joe Biden is before Republican candidate Donald Trump within the preliminary results. the planet is watching Biden’s dominance in voting and elections.

    According to US media Fox News, Biden has thus far received 49.9 percent of the favored vote. Trump got 46.6 percent on the brink of him.

    The total number of electoral votes is 538. With 270 votes, he are going to be the 48th president of the us .


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