Incredible Marseille: European Capital of Culture

Incredible Marseille

Incredible Marseille: European Capital of Culture!

This city in the south of France has never been considered an important tourist destination. But believe us, Marseille can offer many things and it would be a pity not to visit. Even when we know that this summer there will be playing European football championship

{Incredible Marseille}


In June 2016 the city will be crowded with fans, as it was then play European Championship in football, so if you want the most important issue in the world, that’s another good reason to visit Marseille. But now let us leave little football on the side, because this city in the last few years itself more profiled as a tourist destination for many other things.

Marseille, the second largest city in France (Lyon is greater if you are watching and the environment), was once a terrible voice. Guilt has Hollywood since the film “The French Connection” is displayed as the European capital of drug trafficking. Given all that, even in the last ten years has begun to reveal that, a different side of the city and people began to perceive it as an attractive and desirable place to vacation.

The city offers a lot of culture, for example, you can browse famous castle Chateau d’If, where Alexandre Dumas has placed his hero Edmond Dante, known to the world as The Count of Monte Cristo. Also the city is rich in museums to be seen.

{Incredible Marseille}

If we talk about gastronomy, there are many great places where you must not miss to try “bouillabaisse”, a traditional Provencal dish hail from Marseille.

One thing is certain – this city who once posed as dangerous today has grown into a true “beauty”, so if you visit you will not repent.


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