Is Barcelona going to be in the hands of the government administrator?


    Control of Club Barcelona could enter the hands of a government administrator. this might happen if spending by 200 million euros isn’t reduced by November 5 .

    Bar করোa is in dire financial straits thanks to the Corona epidemic. They decided to chop the salaries of footballers by 30 percent to scale back expenses.

    However, this led to a dispute between the players and therefore the committee headed by Bartholomew. He also recently resigned as club president. However, this problem has not been addressed.

    Club authorities try to influence Messi and Griezmann to pay less. However, if they are doing not comply with this proposal, Barাa will fall under an excellent crisis.

    If 190 million euros aren’t reduced by the start of November, the club management may lose its responsibilities in January 2021. The responsibility could also be given to an administrator.


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