Medieval settlements that should not miss!

Medieval settlements that should not miss

Medieval settlements that should not miss!

There are many places in Italy that lead tourists on a journey through time. And if ever the road takes you right in this country is bound to visit some of these areas, of course, if you want to be richer for another wonderful experience.

Middle Ages village Dolcheakva in Liguria region, not far from the town of Empire, you will recognize by Doria castle and bridge over the river nerves.

Those who decide to visit this place you can enjoy a stroll along its narrow streets, between the little houses made of stone and several impressive churches, and as a souvenir can choose any of the excellent regional wines and to climb the hill on which the is the settlement.

And offers a unique view Kastiljone del Lago neighborhood in the city of Perugia, from medieval fortress which overlooks Lake Trasimeno towards, in the region Umbria.

(Medieval settlements that should not miss)

Built in the 13th century by Frederick II, King of the Roman Empire, and because pentagonalniot shaped structure, inspired by the eponymous constellation was known as the Fortress of the Lion.

The complex is located a few closed buildings, churches and a palace, which is the largest series of paintings from the 16th century and describing the works of Roman heroes and sights from Greek mythology.

Modica, a neighborhood located in southeast Sicily, flourished at the time of the Normans, around the year 1139, and later evolved into an extremely important cultural and religious center, writes Huffington Post.

Today is one of the most romantic cities in Italy, famous for its Baroque monuments, delicious local chocolates and houses that tourists stay with local residents. Modica still called and Ciocobarocco (Chokobaroko), according to centuries-old tradition of chocolate.

(Medieval settlements that should not miss)


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