Netherlands what you might not know!

Netherlands what you might not know!

Netherlands what you might not know!

In this article you will learn some interesting things about Netherlands that maybe you were not known.
Sure, we all know that the Dutch cultivated tulips, have windmills and wear clogs. But did you know the following few things about the Netherlands?

{Netherlands what you might not know!}

1. The oldest national anthem in the world is Dutch, named Wilhelmus. Words and music have occurred as early as the 16th century, and although officially as the anthem was not accepted until 1932, she was very popular among the Dutch population and appearing several times in the history of the kingdom, before today’s gain status. This song is dedicated to silent William I, Prince of Orange and leader of the Dutch revolution against the Spanish king of the XVI-century.

{Netherlands what you might not know!}

2. 87 percent of the citizens of the Netherlands speak English, which makes the country the third in the world according to the percentage of people who speak English as a second language. Also, 66 percent of the residents know German.

3. Across the country still saved many thousands of windmills that originate from the 19th century.

4. Protective flower of Holland, tulip, remains extremely popular. It is grown in more than 1,500 different species and 80 percent of the world’s tulips come from Holland.


5. This state is actually a large plain. Even 26 percent of the territory is below the surface of the sea and the highest point Valserberg is only 322 meters above sea level.

6. Netherlands is the first country in the world that has legalized same category marriages, and it made back in 2001.

7. Also, the country is extremely secular, with up to 40 percent of people declare themselves atheists, 30 percent as Catholics, and 20 percent as Protestants.

8. Not counting the countries like Monaco or the Vatican, Netherlands is the most densely populated European country. In fact, about 16 million people located on 41 thousand square kilometers.

9. Netherlands has more bicycles than people. Their number is about 18 million!

10. If you started this morning right with a cup of delicious coffee, it should just be grateful to the Dutch. They drink it in large quantities, an average of three cups per person.

{Netherlands what you might not know!}


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