Paradise Gardens Croatia place on the planet!

Paradise Gardens Croatia place on the planet

Paradise Gardens Croatia place on the planet!

This travel destination is one of the most desirable to many people around the world, and I have privileged to visit this national park!

This amazing and beautiful corner of the earth full of forested hills, waterfalls and crystal clear water the color of turquoise is the cause of the world’s natural resources. Sixteen turquoise lakes are interlinked by cascades and waterfalls.

(Paradise Gardens Croatia place on the planet)

The waters are rich with minerals makes rocks carved over the years and constantly changing formations. Wooden footbridge follow klokotlivata water 18 kilometers along its course.

Due to the excellent weather and untouched nature, there are excellent conditions for rare species. “Stars” of the park or common animals are bears and wolves, however there are likewise deer, wild pigs, hares and foxes.There are more than 120 different bird species. You may want to see black storks and herons, which are very rare.

It is not rare butterflies floating through almost the entire park.

Not too much to say that Plitvice can be described as heavenly gardens. Incredible scenes, pleasant climate, vivid colors and relaxing murmur of the water and gave her the opportunity to Croatia boast that it has the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

(Paradise Gardens Croatia place on the planet)

Visitors describe this national park as “The highest and most beautiful place and work of Mother Nature,” and from the photos you can understand what exactly I am talking about.

The beautiful small lakes and waterfalls surrounded by mountains Pljesevica, Mala Kapela and Medvedak, which are part of the Dinaric Alps.

Great Falls is the highest waterfall, 70 meters. The park has 3 hotels and camping resort, where visitors usually spend their time in the park climbing in 8 different paths and enjoying the spectacular views.

Plitvice was declared a national park in Croatia in 1949, and world natural wealth 1979th.

(Paradise Gardens Croatia place on the planet)


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