Rare honor for an army officer who has been in a coma for 6 years

    Rare honor for an army officer

    Rare honor for an army officer!

    Some respect is priceless. Similarly, there is no reward for some love. Such respect or love may not be in everyone’s destiny, but some people are born with some good fortune. One such army officer is Dewan Mohammad Tashawar Raja. He was also promoted from a long coma for about eight years. He was laid to rest in a hospital bed.

    On March 11, 2013, Dewan Mohammad Tashawar had a sudden heart attack. Then some parts of the brain lose function. Go into a coma. About eight years of his life have been spent there. He is undergoing treatment in a room named Nandakunja in the officers ward of Dhaka Combined Military Hospital (CMH). Although he was able to move his arms and legs, he was in a deep coma.

    This shrewd army officer, who fell ill from the rank of lieutenant colonel, might have reached the desired peak of success if he had been active. But the cruel reality of life did not give him that opportunity. However, the army did not forget Tashawar’s contribution to the army. Lieutenant Colonel Dewan Mohammad Tashawar Raja of the Bangladesh Army received a rare honor at his farewell. He was promoted from lieutenant colonel to colonel last Monday (October 12).

    Proud of this honor of the army, Mosleha Munira Raja, the life partner of Mohammad Tashawar Raja and their three children.

    Mosleha Munira Raja said her husband wanted their two sons to join the army when they grew up. The children will also be engaged in the service of the country. But after her husband’s illness, everything changed, but three children are growing up in the ideal of a patriotic father. Munira is hopeful that one day her husband will recover. Get back to normal life.

    (Rare honor for an army officer)

    Brigadier General Masud Majumder, an expert in the CMH’s Department of Critical Care Medicine, said, “Colonel Dewan Mohammad Tashawar Raja’s illness is called in the language of medical science as hyposcopic smemic injury to brain effects.” Although the heart actually returned after a heart attack, the brain did not return. The lower part of the brain is better. But the cells of the area in which the outer parts are involved with our thought-consciousness have not been revived. That’s why the basic body’s protective system is good for living, but the higher psychological functions have been damaged. ‘

    He also said that CMH will always be by the side of the king of Tashawa even though he could not give the good news of liberation from this situation.

    Colonel Dewan Mohammad Tashawar of the Bangladesh Army is a descendant of the Baul artist Raja. On 23 June 1989, he was commissioned in the Armed Forces of the Bangladesh Army. During his long career, he participated in UN-led peacekeeping missions in Iraq-Kuwait in 1996 and in Sudan in 2006. He has experience of traveling to more than half a hundred countries.

    In the midst of the busyness of his working life, Dewan Mohammad Tashawar Raja started writing. He is a poet and has written several books on the life and work of Raja Raja Samagra, Major General MAG Osmani, O General Mai General, History of Bangladesh Army and many more.

    (Rare honor for an army officer)


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