Saddam s right-hand man Al-Dari has died


    Izzat Ibrahim al-Dawri, an in depth ally of former Iraqi ruler Hussein , has died. He was one among Saddam’s closest associates while he was alive.

    The Iraqi Bath Party confirmed his death during a post on social media Facebook.

    The now-banned Iraqi Socialist Ba’ath Party has called al-Dauri the “Baath and therefore the Knight of Iraqi National Resistance.” He has met with Hussein and other late Ba’athists. Although no details got about his death.

    Al-Dawri was one among Saddam’s top officials within the Arab world. He was referred to as the “right hand man” of the previous Iraqi ruler. He was ready to escape when the us invaded Iraq in 2003. He has not been seen publicly since.
    Born in a neighborhood near Tikrit, al-Dauri was referred to as “Iceman.” He was once involved within the ice supply business.

    The Iraqi Ba’ath Party came to power for the second time during a 1978 coup. At that point , Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr, the leader of the Birth Party, became the president of Iraq, and Hussein became the prime minister. Al-Dawri was a member of the cupboard at the time.


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