New guest in Srijit-Mithila’s


    The first puja star couple after marriage is Srijit-Mithila. this point the festival was held in Corona, but Srijit-Mithila was able to hang around together and have an honest time. Meanwhile, Mithila gave excellent news . The Mukherjee couple was spending their days with Ira.

    However, two small members came to their family to share Ira’s love. Mithila brought home two turtles. He affectionately named them Harry and Hermione. Mithila introduced the new relations to the fans by sharing their pictures. Mithila shared an image of the tortoise on Twitter and wrote, ask new members of our family. Harry and Harmony.

    It is understood that the name is to satisfy the desires of the daughter. Seeing this pair of turtles, Mithila asked an issue on Instagram, but where is Ron? back , Mithila said, “Where is it written that Ron must be altogether the stories of Potter?”


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