Saver leather industrial city was fined Tk 4.5 crore for pollution


    The Department of Environment has fined BSCIC Tk 4 crore 82 lakh 50 thousand for not complying with the minimum standards at any level of waste treatment within the new leather industrial city of Savar.

    The fine was imposed on Wednesday (November 4).

    According to the Department of Environment, on October 8, the officials of the organization visited the Central Waste Treatment Plant (CETP) of the fashionable leather industrial city built at Harindhara in Savar. During the inspection, they found that untreated liquid waste at various places in BSCIC was being discharged directly into the nearby Dhaleshwari River during a untreated state through a surface drain or rainwater drain bypassing the effluent drain through a pit. additionally , the solid waste and sludge created within the tannery is being removed uncontrollably inside the BSCIC at the riverine area outside the border, causing damage to the environment and therefore the environment. At this point , samples were collected from 5 points of the rainwater drain. Where evidence of environmental pollution is found. The fine was imposed on November 4 after a hearing within the presence of a BSCIC representative.

    At an equivalent time, the Department of Environment directed the leather industry to hold out activities including CETP in compliance with the environmental laws. After the incident, the responsibility was shifted to the tannery owners, said the project director of the economic city, Udor Pindi Bodhar. But the tannery owners are relieved. Because they assert , the reality of the long-standing allegation has been matched this point .

    The Leather Working Group’s (LWG) credentials are still elusive thanks to such tensions between the govt and therefore the owners in most areas of the 200-acre industrial city. Gradually the doors of leather exports also are being closed.


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