The most beautiful tourist attractions in China!

The most beautiful tourist attractions in China

The most beautiful tourist attractions in China!

When we talking about China, most of us probably think of the pollution and overcrowded settlements, Great Wall and beautiful Beijing.

However, China is a country that offers more for their tourists, but unfortunately, few know these amazing sights that make up the rest of the vast country.

Many would agree that China is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and if in doubt, Chinese tourist attractions presented below will convince you that.

(The most beautiful tourist attractions in China)

Huangsan Mountain in Anhui province

If you watched any of the films with Chinese martial arts fighters who think of mystical mountains, then you’ve probably wondered what they speak ?! As those mountains can influence the mind and the ability to quickly decide?!

With strange, alien rock formations and trunks of pine with a strange look, fog that floats in the air and the cold that touches the bone, hiking the mountain Huangsan invaluable experience that unfortunately, few can experience.

(The most beautiful tourist attractions in China)

Mountain Vaui in Province Fujian

Chinese postcards with beautiful mountain landscapes are extremely popular worldwide. If you always threw such postcards thinking that they are the result of Photoshop – you’re wrong and probably have never seen mountains Vaui.

It is a mountain that rises a river whose perfectly clear water reflects the lush forests whose greenery look flawless. Vaui mountain is a national park in southeast China and is one of the main attractions of this country.

(The most beautiful tourist attractions in China)

Towers Diaolu Kaiping in Guangdong Province

The three towers were built in the early years of the twentieth century as a place of defense against invaders. The architecture of the buildings is a perfect blend of Roman, Greek and Islamic influence.

Huangguoshu Waterfalls Province Gizo

Height more than 77 meters, Huangguoshu Waterfall is the highest in Asia. While the view is spectacular waterfalls, more interesting is the view behind waterfalls or water behind. It is one of the few waterfalls in Asia to which can be accessed from all sides.

(The most beautiful tourist attractions in China)

Jalong beach in Hainan Province

The beach is great Ya’alon tropical beach in the shape of a crescent in warm Hainan province and it possesses what is expected from a tropical beach – white sand, water sports, luxury hotels and palm trees. If you can not afford, the visit to this place is best to plan during the Spring Festival.

Imperial Summer Villa Cop in Hubei Province

At a certain period in history, this villa was designed for rest of kings of destination Kving. Around the residence is rich with green fields and farms, and today is part of the World Heritage List and fortunately, is open to visitors and the public.

(The most beautiful tourist attractions in China)

Shennongjia in Hubei Province

Constantly covered with fog, Shennongjia valley is home to one of the largest subtropical forests in this part of the world. These forests are home to the endangered golden monkeys and thousands of other species. If you enjoy in nature and greenery, this is one of the most important places that you must visit.

Canyon Enshin in Hubei Province

About 320 kilometers west of the dam George is Enshin, the Asian version of the US Grand Canyon. The gorge is bounded by steep walls of the mountains and extends to 108 kilometers. This region further beautify and waterfalls falling into the river which flows into the gorge, and the authorities in several places built villas, in order visitors can enjoy this natural masterpiece.

Vulingjan in Hunan Province

All that he looked this valley now say that it is a landscape reminiscent of the mountains from the film “Avatar”. Even the James Cameron repeatedly said that the inspiration had found precisely in this place. This mystical and hazy valley consists of 3,000 stone pillars that rise like fingers hundred meters in height, creating a spectacle that simply breathtaking!

(The most beautiful tourist attractions in China)

Fenghuang village in Hunan Province

Thousands of adventurers come every year to visit this place, in order to ride through the narrow streets of this village thousands of years old, of course, to eventually get the right impression of China. Therefore, all those who are planning to visit this country, village Fenghuang are indicated as a destination that must see!

(The most beautiful tourist attractions in China)


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