The most popular travel destination in Canada -Quebec

The most popular travel destination in Canada

The most popular travel destination in Canada -Quebec

Quebec is one of the most popular destinations in Canada. The province of Quebec is the largest in Canada and as varied as British Columbia. The St. Lawrence River runs throughout Quebec and is the emblem of Quebec. Here one can observe as skiing, fishing, hiking and animals.

{The most popular travel destination in Canada}

Nature & Animals in the wild

With a stylish trip in the subarctic experience the animals of the Far North in the wild.

  • The Laurentian Mountains are a paradise for anglers, hunters and photo enthusiasts!
  • The Oceanography Centre Exploramer invites you to take a look into the life under water.
  • In a kayak trip in the Saguenay River Fjord it is worthwhile to keep an eye out for wild animals open.
  • The Rapid Lake Lodge in the far north of Quebec City offers excellent fishing conditions for trout and char.

Art and culture

Even the Winter gets its own festival. The extraordinary creativity of French Canadians gave the world not only the Cirque du Soleil, but also an innovative art scene that is constantly setting new trends.

  • During Winter Carnival in Quebec City, Winter Fun is a top priority – even “snow Swim” is on the program.
  • At the International Jazz Festival in Montreal the best jazz musicians in the world on stage. Some concerts are even free!
  • On the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City the scene is visible, where the struggle of the British and the French for supremacy in today’s Canada was finally settled.
  • A visit to the indigenous people of the tribe of atikamekw provides an insight into a little-known culture.
  • The festival Les Fetes de la Nouvelle-France is dedicated to the French-Canadian culture.

{The most popular travel destination in Canada}


The French-Canadian culture in Québec defines itself largely on the food. Among the specialties of the province include maple taffy on a stick, which is poured into small snow holes and so hardens, and Tourtière (meatloaf). Celebrity chefs from Quebec are known for their preference for the freshest and best products from the region. Bon Appetit!

{The most popular travel destination in Canada}

A walking tour of Québec City also offers an opportunity to taste traditional specialties from the region.

The Eastern Townships are known beside the tranquil especially for their wines and regional delicacies.
The perfect line under a by celebrated night is a smoked meat sandwich of beef – the Montréal variant of cured meats.

A must for sweet tooth is a visit to a traditional sugar shack, the Sugar Shack or Sucrerie is here.
The Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations serves typical cuisine from the Huron-Wendat First Nations in an underrated area.

{The most popular travel destination in Canada}


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