The poisonous garden: fascinating place where “everything wants to kill you”

The poisonous garden

The poisonous garden: fascinating place where “everything wants to kill you”

At first glance this garden look like everyone else. It’s beautiful, has abundant greenery, flowers are everywhere around you, the climate for farming is …

In a word, the garden looks quite innocent and tempted you are to call all the pretty plants.

{the poisonous garden}

However, before you get the opportunity to do such a thing, you will notice a warning sign that clearly states: “These plants can kill you,” clearly puts you know that these beautiful plants actually – killers.

Alnwick Poison Garden

Alnwick Poison Garden is a botanical garden . Visiting the garden, tourists receive instructions and advice not “smell” too many plants, and especially not to touch.

{the poisonous garden}

The garden is located within Alnwick Castle, residence of the Duke of Northumberland and is definitely one of the darkest (and almost certainly and most deadly) tourist attractions in England. For fans of Harry Potter to mention that Castle “starred” Hogwarts School of Witchcraft in the first two acts of the film’s most famous magician of the world.

For decades, the greenery around the castle was common and boring, even a bit neglected, but things have changed radically in 1995 when the Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy became. Then Duchess Percy decided to rearrange “the woods” around the castle and make it an exotic garden, something different from the usual English gardens, and the result is the occurrence of this dangerous garden.

The early Persians wanted to make a garden full of healthy plants, similar to the “pharmacy”, but a trip to Italy changed everything. There she visited the “poison garden” of famous Medici family in Florence, where she met with a slightly different flora – one that kills, not heal.

{the poisonous garden}

She so much likes the plants murderers so she decided to dedicate the garden proclaiming them for far more interesting than those treated and began work on the construction . Meanwhile, she gained such popularity, it annually receives around 800 thousand people.

It is now home to more than 100 deadliest plants in the world, and when you see how gardeners carefully with gloves enclose the plant will immediately realize that this is no joke.

Some of the plants constantly kept in cages, and the whole garden is under 24-hour protection and security.

I am looking froward to visit this interesting garden soon, aren’t you?


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