The US presidential election is on Tuesday


    There are only two days left before the US presidential election. Two rival Republican candidates, Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, seem to be sleep deprived.

    There is no thanks to understand the campaign of the 2 candidates who are wanting to occupy the White House. Republican candidate Donald Trump is campaigning in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin to catch the attention of voters within the hanging state. At rallies he mocked Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden also campaigned within the same area. He assembled in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Said Trump is cheating everyone. Republicans have tarnished the image of the us to the planet .

    Meanwhile, a record nine crore advance votes were cast till Friday. Which is far quite one third of the entire votes. The Washington Post reports that nine million people in Texas have already cast their ballots, quite in 2016 alone. Although a Republican state, it’s not clear whether it’s for or against Trump. this point the US election is filled with such uncertainty.


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