This island nobody will dare to visit!

This island nobody will dare to visit!

This island nobody will dare to visit: The reason will make you think!

One of the most beautiful islands in the world will soon close its beaches for tourists.
In the future, visitors will be barred from entering the island of Koh so close to Thailand, because their behavior completely destroyed environment. Tourists had so polluted the environment and destroyed the coral reef, the authorities had to react.

{This island nobody will dare to visit!}

Also, about 1,000 people tended to stay on the beach which provided for up to 70 people, which ultimately caused major negative consequences.

Koh Tachai

“We must close the island to give it a chance of nature to rehabilitate, as well as island and the sea. It should not be any disturbance of tourism activities,” said Tunja Netitaamkul, director of the Department for preservation of national parks and nature.

If there is no close Koch so will forever lose, say authorities.

Fragile Eco-systems can not be held before the growing number of tourists and there are many world destinations testify – Mount Everest, the Galapagos, Antarctica …

Thailand receives some ten million tourists, many of them spend their time just to numerous tropical beaches.


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