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    After an extended hiatus, Hanif Sanket, a cheerful producer-director, is appearing on the screen of BTV with a replacement episode of popular entertainment magazine ‘Etc. this point within the new episode of etc., there’s Jahidul Islam from Bogra who has built 600 bamboo bridges within the voluntary ashram. This different arrangement has been held with him at the Bangladesh academy , a standard ancient institution located in Sarada, Rajshahi.

    This episode of ‘Etc.’ are going to be aired simultaneously on BTV and BTV World next Thursday (October 29) at 8.30 pm. Mohammad Mamun, the assistant director of ‘Etc.’ confirmed the matter. He said that Zahidul Islam, a craftsman who built bamboo bridges within the voluntary ashram, are going to be seen during this episode of ‘Etc.’

    He also said that during this episode, there’s a report on the development of a bamboo bridge at the voluntary ashram of Jahidul Islam in Bogra. aside from this, a motorbike also will tend to him on behalf of the ‘Etc.’ program to try to to such an admirable work for the people within the voluntary home.

    In this regard, Jahidul Islam said, i might have cycled whenever I got the news of the misfortune for the bridge over the river and canal. Etc. Hanif Sanket Sir gave me a 100cc motorcycle as a present and now I can get there easily if anyone calls.

    The shooting was completed during this episode on 14th October. This year’s episode was held ahead of a 250-year-old small factory inbuilt Greco-Roman style of architecture inside the Bangladesh academy , which is rich in natural beauty. it’s known that at just one occasion this small factory was used as a short lived residence of the rulers of various times ranging from British Lord.

    It is learned that this year’s event will feature two fact-based reports on the places of interest for tourists besides highlighting the history and heritage of Rajshahi and Bangladesh academy . there’s a humanitarian report on the plight of the people of Khidirpur, alittle village in Bangladesh bordering Rajshahi.

    Besides, quite one and a half hundred trained members of Bangladesh academy danced to a song composed about Rajshahi and Bangladesh academy . The song is sung by Kamal, Riyadh and Tanzina Ruma and choreographed by Monirul Islam Mukul. Written by Moniruzzaman Palash, composed by Hanif Sanket and arranged by Mehedi.

    This time too, along side the regular episodes, there are some juicy but sharp narrations about various contemporary events. As always, this point too, Mukimul Anwar Mukim was within the art direction and stage planning.

    Audio Vision has created this episode of ‘Etc.’ composing and presenting Hanif Sanket. Sponsored by Keya Cosmetics Limited.


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