Tourist attractions Of Corfu islands in Greece!

Тourist attractions Of Corfu islands in Greece

Тourist attractions Of Corfu islands in Greece!

Corfu is an island with a turbulent history and is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, filled with lush vegetation and green areas, because more and call it emerald green. For Corfu wrote Homer in his Odyssey that is described is the arrival of Ulysses in the land of Feachanite and it is one of the most intriguing epic songs in his work.

The island is very beautiful with amazing vegetation and sapphire-colored sea and the people who live here is very calm and open to tourists with cheerful spirit.

(Тourist attractions Of Corfu islands in Greece)

They especially love music and dance festivals always celebrate a feast especially for the Easter holidays. Because the whole picture of the island, it was very appealing to conquer, and each new invader remained wonderful gifts that remained in their culture, tradition and customs. Therefore Corfu is an island that will leave you breathless and is a paradise for the eyes. The rulers wanted, so spared leaving many palaces and it left its mark forever.

(Тourist attractions Of Corfu islands in Greece)


Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian Islands with an area of 590 km2, 60 km in length and maximum width of 32 km. The climate is Mediterranean, winters are mild and summers are pleasant and warm. Because of the climate, humidity and location of Corfu is ideal for growing olives, not any, but a special kind of black olives that are scattered across the island. Besides olives and fruits known godfather Quata the size of a lemon, and orange appearance.

(Тourist attractions Of Corfu islands in Greece)

Corfu today

Corfu has a multicultural spirit. While walking through the Old Town, you’ll feel like coming back to the past while you are in the present. Its architecture is a successful blend of many-siding at the same time have the charm of Paris, Venice and London. The large number of narrow streets with houses of that time are almost unchanged until today.

Prohibiting modernize houses in order to maintain the authenticity of the city. Small streets give a special grace of the old city, somewhere so tight you with open arms to touch the houses on both sides. Small fountains and squares, old houses which now houses numerous taverns, galleries and souvenir shops, numerous churches with monumental facades are constructed from the time of Mljet, and today give a special charm of the old city. During the reign mletachkoto built two forts, old and new, that until today admire.

(Тourist attractions Of Corfu islands in Greece)

Corfu 1


Corfu town full of attractions from different historical times among the most famous of the old fortress, the new fort, Spianada squares and leaves the palace of Sts. Michael and St. George, the municipal building and municipal Square, Ionian Academy, St. Spiridon, Canons, the Palace Mon Repos and many other celebrities.

(Тourist attractions Of Corfu islands in Greece)


Because people are cheerful and open music being its central place in their lives. People want folklore and theater and have beautiful costumes. Faith among the Greeks is very important, especially for krfjanite, so we are making great celebrations of Easter and their local holidays.

For most of the island is considered to be St. Spyridon. Legend says he repeatedly protected the island from attacks with his miraculous interventions. His presence is echoed in their lives, and proof of this is that often there is the name Spiros. At St. Spiridon found his remains three times a year are taken out with special ceremonies parade through the city because it is believed that in this way protect and clean the island from bad influences.

(Тourist attractions Of Corfu islands in Greece)

Тourist attractions

Unlike other Ionian islands, of which there are parts that are completely inaccessible to tourism, the island is not the case. You can explore completely. In the eastern part is the most popular tourist destination Ipsos, and next to it are the places Dassia and Gouvia. This section is also the city of Corfu. Going south followed Benitses, Moraitika and Messonghi. Southernmost point of the island is known for Kavos craziest parties in Greece.

As you go to the west is the longest sandy beach of Glyfada and Paleokastritsa bay follows. Moving along the northern part of the island is Sidari, where the famous Canal of love. Followed Rhoda place so small Italian town Kassiopi. Returning to the east, in the area of Kalamata is the villa of the owner of Ferrari, Agnelli. Remain still places Nissaki and Barbati and again you Ipsos.

(Тourist attractions Of Corfu islands in Greece)


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