Travel To Japan the land of the rising sun!

Travel To Japan the land of the rising sun!

Travel To Japan the land of the rising sun!

Japan is a beautiful island country in the Pacific Ring of Fire, which simply enchants with its natural beauty and world obligated exactly with its magnificent cultural heritage.

Although this state only one text is too little to be able to mention everything, we are going to list some of its most characteristic symbols that attract world travelers.

(Travel To Japan the land of the rising sun)

7 symbols of Japan why we all adore the land of the rising sun:

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom is considered as one of the greatest symbols of the country of the rising sun, and celebrates the beauty and perfection in their culture. Typically refers to the Yoshino cherry tree which bloom until late March and early April in Japan. Observation of the flower (hanami) is a national custom to which it surrendered persons of all generations.


Traditional dress with wide sleeves and no pockets for some time been an integral part of Japanese clothing. Today, Kimono are wears mostly on weddings and special events. Kimono worn so left side overlaps on the right and eventually secured belt. With traditional kimono wear socks – tabby and shoes – ghettos or dawn.

(Travel To Japan the land of the rising sun)


Sake is the most famous drink in Japan. It is the fermented beverage of rice and water which are usually drunk hot, and contains on average 18 to 20 percent alcohol.


Japanese gastronomy is based on the preparation of foods from fresh foods, and there are primarily considered meals of rice and fish. Sushi is their most popular dish, which is usually eaten with a swab (hashish) and includes raw fish, rice and vegetables.


The art of shaping and growing miniature stalks the vessel was brought from China to Japan in the 11th century.

(Travel To Japan the land of the rising sun)


Fairness, courage, goodness, kindness, truthfulness, honesty and fidelity are the main determinants of the code of honor (Bushido), who lived under these privileged tribal soldiers in feudal Japan. The samurai always wore two swords themselves (Katana and Vakazashi) and served his master until his death.

Ritual of drinking tea

The ritual of drinking tea is part of Japanese culture and everyday life, which even in the 6th century came from China, which initially enjoyed exclusively rich people. Cup of tea is taken with the right hand and placed on the left palm. The host sends him slightly bowing his head, after which the drink is examined in three sips.

(Travel To Japan the land of the rising sun)


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