Unilever will take 3 days off a week


There has been tons of dialogue and research happening for an extended time. It also raises the difficulty of what percentage days a worker will work. During the Corona epidemic, this discussion and research gained more momentum. Following this, the multinational consumer company Unilever has started experimenting with holidays three days every week .

CNN reported this information on Tuesday (December 1). The report also states that the test are going to be launched altogether the workplaces of the organization everywhere the planet as soon because the positive result’s indicated. during this case, the workers are going to be given the liberty to settle on the working day of their choice.

Distributors of Lipton Tea, Dave Soap and Ben & Jerry’s frozen dessert have said they’re going to check out reducing working hours for all their employees in New Zealand.

The test started this month and can last for a year. Consumer giant Unilever has 71 staff in New Zealand. Under this test they’re going to work four hours daily. The study are going to be overseen and reviewed by the Australian University of Technology Sydney. albeit the working hours are reduced, they’re going to get full salary.

Unilever says that if all goes well and therefore the survey results are satisfactory, they’re going to consider adjusting the working environment of the whole organization. Source: CNN


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