US election will not affect Bangladesh’s exports


    Mohammad Hatem, the primary vice-president of BKMEA, an association of garment owners, said that whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden involves power within the US presidential election, there’ll be no change in Bangladesh’s trade and commerce.

    He made the remarks during a media interview on Tuesday (November 3) at noon on the impact of the US election on Bangladesh’s economy. Voting for the US presidential election is happening on November 3 (Tuesday).

    Mohammad Hatem said that due to the change within the US President, there’s no change within the policy of the country, especially for Bangladesh. So after the US election, he thinks that the export of Bangladeshi products to the country are going to be an equivalent as before.

    It is to be noted that after Europe, as one country, Bangladesh has the most important marketplace for readymade garments within the us . About 16 to 17 percent of readymade garments exported from Bangladesh attend the US market.


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