Walkthrough magic white desert in Egypt!

Walkthrough magic white desert in Egypt!

Walkthrough magic white desert in Egypt!

In the group of tourist destinations that magnificent the people and remind the single skill of Mother Nature to create masterpieces and the wonderful white desert in Egypt.

A few hours’ drive from Cairo bring tourists to the beautiful and magical White Desert. Erosion and desert storms for centuries created an unusual landscape that lures cherished among all visitors.

“Sahara el Beyda” or ordinarily known as the White Desert, an astonishing scene loaded up with different arrangements of calcium, which appear as though huge common conceptual figures.

What is particularly interesting is the fact that most of these formations have their own names, and the most prominent are: mushroom, ice cream, and chicken monolith. The desert is one of the favorite destinations of world travelers.

Thus, a large number of tourists often decide to spend a night in the company of local Bedouins, enjoying the sight only when sun causes discoloration and appearance of the sculptures, and the luckiest ones can experience the sight and horse sculptures in the full moon, when the whole area gets special, indescribable splendor.

(Walkthrough magic white desert in Egypt!)


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