What to Wear in Santorini, Greece + Outfit Inspiration


Santorini is one of the most beautiful places to visit. To be perfectly honest, you can’t really go wrong with any of the Greek Islands, however, Santorini is a place made for the romantics and is a wonderful honeymoon destination or couple’s getaway.

The crisp white buildings and blue domes on the hills with panoramic views of the ocean are a photographer’s dream…so you can imagine that I wanted outfits to match the scenery!

While most of the days on Santorini can be spent wandering around the small town of Oia — popping into restaurants and exploring nooks and crannies — you should also mix in a bit of adventure with a self-guided ATV ride while you’re there!

When Meyer and I went to Santorini it was in July and incredibly warm, so a good portion of our time was spent relaxing by the pool. The summer is quite crowded as that is peak season, but if you’re prepared for that and book things ahead of time, you should be perfectly fine.

Obviously, the weather will play a factor in what you’re packing — but if you’re going to Santorini from late spring to early fall, you should be fine with mainly “beachy” attire. Think sundresses, several bikinis, shorts and cute tops, along with hats and sandals.

Here’s my Santorini, Greece outfit inspiration!

Hats + Sandals

While hats aren’t the easiest thing to travel with, I always make a point to bring them as they can really change up an outfit and are great for blocking out some of the harsh rays!


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