Who did Bush vote for?


    George W. Bush, the 43rd former president of the us , was elected by the Republican Party . Bush’s wife, former First Lady Laura Bush, also voted. Bush’s wife voted beforehand on October 15, consistent with the Press Herald.

    However, it had been not immediately clear who they voted for. it’s learned that they’re going to keep the matter a secret.

    The former president and first lady have decided to not say who they voted for within the last election. Bush has retired from presidential politics. His spokesman, Freddie Ford, said they might keep the vote secret.

    Who did Bush vote for? Although George W. Bush and Donald Trump are both Republicans, there’s a silent conflict between the 2 .

    Meanwhile, Trump and Biden are fighting for control of the White House within the US elections. Biden needs 32 electoral votes to become US president. And Trump needs 56 more votes. Democratic candidate Joe Biden has 238 electoral votes. In contrast, Trump has 213.


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