Why you should visit Guatemala as soon as possible?

Why you should visit Guatemala as soon as possible?

Why you should visit Guatemala as soon as possible?

Guatemala is the capital of the central American state Guatemala. The area boasts a rich historical heritage from the time of the Mayan civilization, and the beautiful scenery offered by Mother Nature.

With its independence Guatemala can boast 15 September 1821, when became a Spanish colony. Today it is a republic in which the president and the prime minister is the same person. What all would our greedy politicians to be able to get that position?

But why you should visit Guatemala?

Many feel that this is one of unsafest countries of the world, but we would disagree with that. Although not exactly the safest in the capital, other parts of the country are popular tourist destinations for many hardly will anything bad happen if you are in a group with tour guide. Although where you travel the world, nowhere will not be 100% sure, not even in the comfort of their home. So, if you fear about your safety – fell free to stay in the room and wait to complete your life. We won’t!

{Why you should visit Guatemala as soon as possible?}

How much will cost you?

Like every country in Central America, Guatemala is fairly cheap. For Dinner you will pay six dollars, set in the hostel three dollars, and a private room in a hotel for around 13 dollars. Sure, Guatemala is a paradise for those who want to explore – there are countless excursions, including visits to Pacaya volcano whose visit (with a guide and transport) will pay the 13 dollars.

Laguna Lodge on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Tucked amidst volcanoes and Mayan villages. Six suites. Can hike in protected nature reserve or cliff jump into deep blue lake.

{Why you should visit Guatemala as soon as possible?}


The food is excellent and you will surely like it. If you order meat from the grill, fresh tortillas or Mayan specialties with chilli, corn and beans – you will taste the basis of Guatemalan cuisine. Whatever you order, be sure to take from the local Gallo beer or rum Quetzeltaca, which is produced here.

Geographical locations and culture


Geographical location allows really many opportunities for sports and recreational activities, and is by far the most popular mountaineering.

The landscape is dominated mostly with mountains and volcanoes, and one of the most popular destinations is certainly Indian’s Nos San Pedro.

But like every nation, people are the ones that make the country and the culture. People here are really friendly and hospitable that you can just imagine. If you want to know Guatemala in the truest sense then opt to learn about the people who will discover everything that interests you, and with their kindness will easily be slipped under the skin.

{Why you should visit Guatemala as soon as possible?}


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